A new year


This is my entry for the diva challenge this week – to use the new year 2014 in some way. I made two. The first one uses the numbers 2,0,1 and 4 written on top of each other as the string. The second one just I just tangled right off 2014. That one is heavily inspired by a picture i saw on pinterest.


Breaking free


The challenge here was to use the assunta-tangle and see where it would lead you. It took on a life of it’s own and refused to stay inside the box. Not at all an easy tangle, but fun when you get the hang of it.

Dive right in


This one started out as a doodle on a post it note during a boring meeting at work.

It makes me think of waves and beaches. Maybe I was dreaming of leaving work and going away to the North Sea beach.

Time to leave


Sometimes you just have to leave the safety of numbers and go your own way.

This is called a “monotangle” – that is a piece made up entirely of the repetition of one pattern. Not sure if this tangle has a name.